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Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Mineral Therapy, Food Sensitivity Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Oxygen Level Testing, Detoxification Programs, Homeopathy preparations, Electrotherapy, Healthy diet advice, Professional Weight Loss and lifestyle advice, Fertility, Hormonal balance, and Baby and Childhood Health Issues

Gayle's Treatment Plan

Gayle provides
“Individual and caring treatment for harmony of body and soul”

Your Initial Naturopathic consultation will start with a detailed, precise assessment of your presenting health concern, your general and overall health status, as well as your medical and family history.

Medical and Naturopathic forms of diagnosis/ analysis as well as eye signs or iridology will also be done to help determine any underlying health conditions. Blood pressure readings, sometimes urine samples are examined, Blood Oxygen levels tested, as well as tongue and nail signs and a zinc test are all used to determine what is needed in your treatment plan.

ADULT CONSULTATION This takes around 1 1/4 hours to assess each person individually as to their body's needs. No two people respond the same way to disease in their system. It is essential to identify the underlying cause that is the 'real' problem resulting in symptoms and disease processes in the body. Symptoms such as pain, need to be relieved and treated, at the same time as assisting the body's natural healing ability so true and lasting healing can occur. Cost of your Initial appointment is $150.00, and that includes the testing that is done - Health Fund Rebates may apply if you have Private Health Fund Cover for Extras)

A comprehensive health assessment results in the development of an individual treatment plan. Taking into consideration your life style this begins with some simple dietary changes involving healthy nutritious food, herbal medicine, and sometimes nutritional supplements to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to function and repair.

Educating patients on how best to take responsibility for their own health, through life-style and diet changes is also a very important aspect of my naturopathic treatment. This helps prevent illness as well as helping reduce the recovery time for a sick person.

Second consultation is $100.00 for 60 minutes, diet is addressed in detail at this appointment, Further on-going consultation are $85.00 for 45 minutes, and shorter follow up appointments are $75.00 for 30 minutes. Your treatment plan will be altered as your health improves.

CONSUTATION for Babies and Children (under 15) - Initial Consultation is 1 hour and cost is $135.00. Second consultation is $85.00 for 45 minutes, and any follow up appointments are $75.00 for 30 minutes. The good news is that children generally recover relativitally quickly with the correct natural medication and diet changes.

Plus the cost of any natural medication and supplements to help get you better.


Naturopathic Therapies Used By Gayle For Your Healing


The art and science of analysing the colour and structure of the iris to gain valuable health information in a non-invasive way. Inherent strengths and weaknesses as well as the general state of internal health are all revealed in the eye. Iridology reveals acute, chronic and degenerative stages of tissue breakdown in the body organs. Iris patterns are as unique as fingerprints and show important information about your internal health. This helps with prevention of health problems later in life if potential problems are addressed early.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs are plants that are natural medicine that have a profound and very effective healing action in the body. They are far safer than conventional chemical drugs, many of which have harmful side effects. Herbs have been used by all cultures for centuries. Scientific studies validate the traditional use of herbs for medical healing.


“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” A healthy diet full of nutritious food is essential for health and impossible without it. Helpful advice on improving your diet while remaining sensitive to your lifestyle will be given Nutrition or a healthy diet is essential for health and impossible without it and advice is given on improving your diet. Nutritional foods and some supplements are needed to provide nourishment and support to the body at a biochemistry level for healing to occur. Practitioner only supplements are used in your treatment plan. Practitioner only supplements are used in your treatment plan.


Homeopathic preparations are safe, effective remedies that are easy to take. These medicines are prepared by taking minute doses of a substance that is made potent by a special dilution process with the result it is very high in energy and has a profound healing effect in the body. Used to restore the healthy functioning of body organs in both acute and chronic disease states.


This simple and effective treatment uses violet rays and a high frequency electrical current at low amperage that is delivered via scientifically designed glass electrodes to an area of the body for healing. The electrotherapy rays stimulate and improve circulation and the immune system, help tissue regeneration and strengthen vital organs with no harmful side effects. This is a powerful yet painless treatment that is a safe and beneficial healing treatment option.