The Quotes below are true testimonials to the efficacy of naturopathic treatment. Only the names have been removed to protect the patients privacy.

As The Old Adage Says...

“The Worse It Tastes, The Better It Is For You”

"When I first saw Gayle, I was very low in energy, tired, cranky, especially at "that" time of the month. Gayle realised that I was, like many women, low in Iron, even though the bloos test said I was in normal range. Gayle helped balance my hormones also. Now I feel full of energy, happy and others are happy to be around me"

"Gayle was recommended by a friend, so I saw her for my severe gastric problems, that I had suffered with for over 6 months. In two weeks I experienced an 85% improvement in my symptoms"

"At my first visit with Gayle, I was in a lot of pain and unable to go to the gym, which is something I love, or do much at all. My pain levels were drastically reduced within 2 months and I was back at the Gym again, enjoying myself".

"My Cardiovascular Specialist had informed me that I needed a Pacemaker operation, but after Gayle put me on some natural products that increase my own adult stem cells (our main healing system) my health improved. When I went back to the Specialist after four and a half months, he did all the testing and said my heart capacity had improved by 25% and I no longer needed a pacemaker. At 79 years of age that was great news and it is thanks to Gayle' s natural treatments"

"By looking in my eyes with the Iridology Gayle told me more about my body than my doctor had after hundreds of dollars of tests. After taking the herbs and supplements I feel healthier and ten years younger."

"That herbal mix tastes like swamp water, but it sure works. I feel terrific"

"My hormones have caused me problems for years, but Gayle sorted out the problems and in three months I am less anxious, moody and teary. My partner said I was NOT to miss my appointments with Gayle"

"You were right Gayle, those herbs do taste awful but they sure work. I feel a hell of a lot better than when I first saw you."

"It is thanks to Gayle that I now have a beautiful healthy baby. I had almost given up that it would happen."

"That iridology is so accurate, you saw circulation and heart problems before the doctors knew there was a problem. And the best thing is that you are helping fix it. Thanks Gayle."

"When diagnosed with painful rheumatoid arthritis I could barely move and had a four month wait to see the specialist. I went to Gayle and after three months I was able to dance at my daughters wedding. I never did get around to see that specialist."

"I have struggled with weight gain and tried everything. Feeling very discouraged I saw Gayle and by helping with my thyroid and hormonal imbalances I am now finally losing weight. I feel healthier and have more energy."

"I could not have believed that natural medicine could be so effective. I am now off the anti-anxiety and anti-depressants that I have taken for years."